Virtual Private
Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Our servers with SSD or HDD storage are the right solution when the requirements of your business no longer correspond with the resources offered by a shared hosting solution.
E-Hosting Online offers virtual servers that have dedicate processing power and RAM memory. We can, therefore, guarantee that growing businesses that have high traffic on their website, like an e-shop, will always receive a viable answer from our engineers.
Unlike the standard hosting option (shared hosting), the VPS comes with dedicated resources that can guarantee optimal performances for your systems.
Having similar characteristics with a dedicates server, a VPS offers the control you need for your company.

Free Control Panel

We offer free access to the control panel that provides an easy management of your VPS and lets you make the settings you desire

Premium Infrastructure

We use state of the art technology from the most reliable brands, like Supermicro or Intel Xeon processors.

OpenVZ virtualization

We leverage the power of OpenVZ technology so we can offer the most advantageous solutions for you, at an affordable price.

99.9% Uptime guarantee

We know that every minute offline can cost your website money and visitors. That’s why we guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

Full Root access

With full root access and SSH connection you can install and customize the software you want, regardless of your needs.

Instant activation

Other providers can put you on hold until the activation of the VPS. We deliver it online in just a few minutes

The benefits of the VPS:

  • Flexibility: the package you choose can easily be changed at any time depending on the resources your company needs
  • Optimized costs: we provide our customers with specialized consultancy so they can make the best decision according to their specific needs.
  • Easy management: you will have access to an intuitive and easy to use control panel so you can personalize the management of your server.
  • Reliability for your business: Our network of servers ensures the technical basis needed for a reliable hosting service that can guarantee the growth of developing businesses. Even more, the technical support is fast in solving the unforeseen problems.
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